Atari Man’s 10 Things: FAQs At A Video Game Store

Hickman and I discussed some ideas for other articles for me to submit for your joy/disdain/humor/nausea/and/or euphoria and one of the things he had mentioned was discussing some things in regards to my humble store, Nick D’s Video Game Vault (Look us up on Facebook, we’ve got Ben doing weird dances, a puppy named Penny, and we’ve got candy!) and I sadly had to inform Aaron that I was already periodically writing articles about the store for the Facebook business page and I really didn’t like the idea of shoving my propaganda down the throats of all you fine people (even you, Stephens) so I sat and thought about some other things associated with the store and then it hit me, I could write articles about 10 things involving any retro or video game related topic of my choosing and we are going to start with 10 things you hear questioned at a video game store, mine at least.

1)”What are the prices?”(Even though you’ve already told them the prices are on the back)

2)”Do you have (fill in blank with some ridiculously rare and high priced game that if you had they wouldn’t pay you full price for)”

3)”Do you unlock cellphones?” (See also Do you sell DVDs, VHS or believe it or not, microwaves)

4)”So what did you get in new?” Translation: “Do you have anything rare?” Which when you get excited about something you feel is hard to come by is met with an arrogant “Already have it.”

5)”Will you buy my XBox One?” (I’m sorry I won’t help you with your poorly made decision)

6)”If I buy all of this can I get it for this price?” (Some people even thing “all of this” is 3 games and they can get it for like $10 off the total, if not more)

7)”Do you have any more N64 games than what’s here?” (Because I guess the 10-15 really good N64 games are all that matter)

8)”Did your copies of E.T. come from that landfill they did a documentary on?” (I am at the point where I’m going to say yes if someone is willing to wave tons of cash in my face)

9)”Do your consoles work?” (No, especially not the 2 that are running on our TVs right now. It’s all a mirage!)

10)”Do you have memory cards for the PS1, PS2, or Gamecube?” (Because I am too lazy to find them myself and if I do I want to pay 50 cents for them)

Join me next time when we take a look at 10 other things of note. Until then, I’m just going to be brushing up on my bucket kicker etiquette, the term we use for those people who come in say something like “Wow, I remember all this stuff!” and then walk out in search of their $60 Call Of Duty game that they don’t want to pay the Gamestop price for.

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