Pac Mania Pride!

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Hi!  I’m PhoxMonkey, and I love Pac-Man games.

The two I played most often were Super Ms. Pac-Man (later covered as the Ms. Pac-Man in the blue and pink standing case) and the much newer Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Pre-Expansion).

Most all of us know of Ms. Pac-Man, originally formed as a Pac-Man hack sold to Midway and sued over by Namco.  Four different stages, multiple kinds of food, four ghosts, and a short story-line of love.   Simple, elegant, and beautiful.  I have a Super Ms. Pac-Man cabinet in my kitchen that is a great stress reliever. I recommend anybody get one!


The difference between Ms. Pac-Man and Super Ms. Pac-Man is a speedup put into Ms Pac-Man herself.  If you play the old Pac-Man, or the Ms. Pac-Man cocktail machines you notice that Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man move a bit slower, making the game more tactful than reflexive.  As time went on, Super Ms. Pac-Man became the norm in the standing machines and the “Super” was removed.

But the best I’ve done in gaming is my Score for Pac-Man Championship Edition DX!  I own this game on three platforms, but my score rests on the xbox 360 version.

That score?  Well, their are a lot of scores in the game to add together, but when they are, they are put into a rank system across the country, and I am very proud of my Rank of 166 out of 282972 players! Even more so when I found out the people in the top 40 or so had hacked their systems to contain outrageous and impossible scores on certain levels to get the top spots on the leader boards, which sadly the company hasn’t taken down.

I would love to see other people play Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, I would even more to see somebody stronger take my place!  So Lets Go!  Lets Do This!  It’s time for a Pac-Attack!


Runner:  Phillip ‘PhoxMonkey’ Vaughn, Pac-Attacker
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (rank 166/282972)

Pac-Man Deluxe rank

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