Castlevania Hi-Score Throwdown


We all have gaming pride in one form or another. Some are just from beating games, some from 100% collections, Others from speed, but the one carried over from the Arcade era still reigns supreme. The Point Runs, the High Scores, The Chart Topping Leader Boards. Today I watched a video of a man doing just that as he rolled his Castlevania 1 (NES) score over like an Odometer. Dave Vogt, the man in question,  put out the video showing us the true power of zombie spawn spam. These Tactics are cheap and easy, allowing for him to teach most runners to be able to perform them from site example alone, but most definitely worth a watch for any aiming for that hi-score or just in the mood to see what a maxed score looks like.

Dave Vogt, Castlevania Mileage Man
Castlevania (NES) High Score reset

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