Gamer Pride: Dave Vogt Super Turrican, Highest Score

This amazing high score run of Super Turrican , played on Normal difficulty and performed by Dave Vogt,  is a vid that would make anyone proud.  Currently his verified world record is housed at and stands at 269,700. This is impressive, but it’s the world record, so you don’t need me to explain that fact to you!  Even better, late in his run, Vogt challenges  others to pick up the game and beat his score. You have to love a man ready for a challenger!

From what I gathered from the video, Dave Vogt used this run to start Gaming World Wide  Great American Cancer Society event,. Talk about an honor! This is a must watch for any Turrican fan, and ends with a promise for the Sega Genesis port of the original Turrican to be run later in time, which I’m hoping to see next myself!

Note: This video was done casually, with no censorship, so expect very little cussing, but it is there and heard clearly.

Dave Vogt, WR holder for points in Super Turrican, Normal difficulty
The gaming intro starts at 6:20
and the game itself ends at 1:02:50
Final Score: 269,700

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