Gamer Pride: Steven Kyer Mega Man V, Buster Only, No Damage- Stoneman Stage

Stone Man

A vid to be proud of is this recent run on Mega Man V on the NES.  Steven completed Stone Man’s stage with only the buster cannon without getting hit once.  I love no damage and buster only Mega Man runs, but both together!?

“This”, he said,”is the worst Mega Man stage to beat this way, with precision being the key word to everything in it.”.  Honestly, I’ve seen TAS’s (Tool-Assisted Speedruns) with less optimization than this guy!

He is a very serious gamer and gets entrenched, so some swearing occurs during this vid, so if you want to turn down or mute the volume it is worth a watch in silence, I promise!

Steven Kyer, The Retro Challenger
Mega Man V, Buster only no damage Stone Man stage.

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