The Challenger’s Corner presents! The Lion King (Genesis) Defeated!

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The Approach :

I wasn’t really approached with a requested challenge for Lion King, but at some point I discovered it was a forgotten champ. A champ that many critics hated because of the odd gap of difficulty between normal and difficult.

It all started after vanquishing Sega’s Aladdin. Usually after I beat and post a game up on my page, I’ll go have a look at it’s history online and prep my intro for the video on Youtube. After looking into Aladdin’s history, I noticed that Virgin had made quite a few Disney games actually owned the rights for making numerous Disney movie games(at least for a while). Knowing how challenging these games could be, I approached the lion with caution!

But first, I had to buy it!

The Champ!
The Lion King (Genesis) Born December 8th, 1994

Yes, I am always the challenger as these guys have their history and reputation!
The Lion King was well received with 1.27 million sold in the U.S alone. The game got some nice reviews which focused on the “nice graphics” and “voices”  and that some particle effects achieved on the Genesis even outperformed it’s twin brother on the SNES. The difficulty was a major stumbling block in the game however.
Normal mode was challenging and difficult and made no sense for the average gamer or even child who wanted to play it. When choosing “Difficult” , you started off with no lives, no continues and had to deal with certain enemies who needed an added “hit” to kill-which made the notorious Elephant Graveyard stage almost impossible (especially for quick runners). YIKES!
Critics called it a “tedious game” and that “it needs a little fine-tuning”… PERFECT I say! A hard game!


Studying the opponent :

To be able to speed run through any game, first you need to have a feel for it. You know, take a few test punches.
So when I start a new one, I try to go at it with a smile 😀 Casually playing the game and avoiding rageeeee and trying out the difficulties. Starting off on “difficult” was a bad idea because of that big gap from “normal” mode. A lack of lives or continues made it impossible  for me to study the game’s mechanics and layout of the game as I would sometimes be tempted to rush through certain spots early on during training and just die stupidly. So I went with normal mode and explored the game. Taking risks here and there, trying to find short cuts etc and learn about the game. Mastering the mechanics was important and with the Genesis’ round D-Pad, it was not an easy task. Simba would tumble with the slightest angle on the D-pad and that would cause me to either roll in a hole or into water…”AARGGGH!” I exclaimed. Rage  built up when that happened!!  I reset the console a few times because of it!

At this point I gave myself a week to prepare for the recording…With little time available each night to practice…


The Fight!

My first attempt at recording was on Feb 11th, 2015 and it was getting late. I knew I could land the run and became too eager…It was a disaster! Dry eyes (from my contact lens) and just plain fatigue did not help mattes. There’s also the fact that when the cam is rolling I seem to go up in gear and take MORE risks and rush more,  and it seems that when I do, I discover even more ways of dying that I had not seen before! “What the hell!?? Since when can I pass through a geyser and plummet to my death in the void?”

DAMMIT! reset…

I was unable to play the following day, but on Feb 13th-after a few resets, I finally killed Scar and with all challenges met! The biggest issue remaining was the Elephant Graveyard of course!



The adrenaline rush from a hard challenge is what I sought! Heart pounding, sweaty palms, knowing that I had a four hit health bar and it could all end end in an instant! That instant Scar was thrown off the ledge, I felt a great pleasure and a big relief at the same time. VICTORY! Burn in hell you treacherous asshole! All that rage and pain and resets…all worth it!
I may now retire the game knowing I fully challenged it and also have it on cam for the world to see!


But the need never stops. The rush must be felt again and again. Maybe my next run can provide me a double dose? 😉

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