Project Bartop: Part 1

Three years ago, I moved from Chicago back to my hometown of Dubuque, Iowa with my wife.  I had a to-do list upon arriving:

  1. Travel to Europe
  2. Buy a house
  3. Start a family
  4. Build an arcade cabinet

Well, we went on a nine-country, four-week tour of Europe before seeking new jobs, found a great house, and we now have a wonderful 1-year-old daughter (#2 is on the way in May).  Only one thing left to do…

Emulate all the things!

My quest to build an arcade emulation cabinet involved a LOT of research and planning.  There are countless options for hardware, software, etc.  I decided to figure out the design and hardware stuff while collecting the games and configuring the software.  I wanted to have the software part completely done before actually building the cabinet.


That’s where I am today.  Six months since conception, I’m finally satisfied with the software and have it polished to my liking.  The video below is not a “how to” per se… but instead is intended to show you what’s possible and highlights the decisions I have made.

More updates to follow once I actually start building the cabinet.  Hope you all enjoy!



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