Dark Legend: Sega Saturn

         Dark Legend: China. Sometime in the 11th Century A.D. the time when warlords lived as kings…Here in the shadows of the Liangshan Mountains, the 12 strongest outcasts, out of 108 gathered on the marsh to test their battle skills while the Gods of War Watched From above.
         Well at least the back cover makes it sound pretty cool!! I came across this game at a video game store a few hours away from where I live and picked it up for 15.99 complete. It looked like it was in very good shape other than the crappy Saturn Case that usually comes in two pieces.
         Dark Legend is a very early fighter title for the Saturn by Data East and despite being one of the first fighters for the system it plays really well. I was surprised by how well the 2-D Graphics held up and the camera did at times seem to zoom in and out that added a really nice effect to the game. I enjoy fighting games but honestly I am not that great at them. I think one of my wife’s favorite moments of us being together was when my 7 year old niece killed me in Mortal Kombat for the Wii and I fell down to where I was eventually run over by a subway train. But I degrees.
         So back to Dark Legend. There is a really nice soundtrack with some heavy guitar riffs during the battles which makes the combat even more enjoyable. I do like the fact that it controls very similar to Street Fighter games so knowing some of the basic moves do pay off for moves in the game. The 6 button Saturn Controller is perfect for this game and actually is pretty smooth. I think this is a gem fighting hit for the system and just a bit obscure. A game I will go back to on multiple occasions unless my niece comes over because I don’t want to lose.

image (4)
Graphics: A
Gameplay: A (Only wish I had another Saturn controller for two players.)
Sound: B
Overall Game: A- (Recommended/Must Own)
(1) – Credit Data East Back Cover Text Sega Saturn 1995

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