A Metroidvania handheld game that should not be missed: Monster Tale DS

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Monster Tale for the Nintendo 3ds/ds is developed by Dreamrift, a small gaming company located in Orlando, FL. I acquired this game as part of a filler for a trade not really knowing much about it.

You play as Ellie as you battle your way through Monster world in which takes the form of a map very similar to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The kicker to this game is your companion Chomp. Chomp helps you in battle as well as opening doors and evolving. In the game you find items that will go to the lower portion of the screen that you are able to send Chomp down to eat like cookies, or items like books where he evolves and becomes a stronger Character to help you. He also has a type of rest meter. He can stay with you in the top portion of the screen to help but once the meter begins to deplete he needs to head to the bottom screen to recover. On top of that you find items for Ellie that will help her reach other parts of the main map. After finishing SOTN in the recent past year I am really excited about getting into this game. I have put about an hour into it so far and i would completely recommend it for anyone that likes Metroidvania games and has a DS or 3DS system. Its not very difficult if you understand these types of games but could pose a challenge if you are new to the genre.

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Graphics: B
Game Play: A-
Sound: B-

Overall Game: B+ (Recommended)
Paul Stevenson (Author)

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