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Who’s behind the Kangaroo Hops?


(Adam Kennelley – Founder and Co-Host)

27288_109624155714325_3589409_nAdam here, I began gaming in 1982 with the Atari 2600 my grandfather bought at a local garage sale. Hours of my childhood flew by playing Space Invaders, Combat and Missile Command. My love of gaming and hatred of natural light led me into the Arcades by the day, and huddled in my room by night. I moved onto the NES, where I grew fond of the colorful platformers on the day. In my teen years I was all about blast processing and feel in love with JRPGs on my Genesis, with Shining Force in one hand and Phantasy Star IV in the other, my friends lost track of me for weeks. To this day I enjoy sharing the memories of these classic games with my son, Awnan, who loves playing on my MAME cab. Also, as a young man I started programming in BASIC on my 286 CGA IBM compatible, and programming my very own games. I have also learned ASM and have in the ball park of 50 half complete Atari VCS Homebrews. My love of creation and coding drew inspiration from the days of DOS and BASIC shareware. Getting older, I have fond memories of lost treasures found buried on the old shareware cd roms and distributed via BBS. Hence my creation of Retro Obscura. To bring to light these games, and remind others that there is always more to play than Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy and Pac Man.

(Paul Stevenson – Co Host)


I am 36 years old and live just outside of Orlando, FL. I was introduced to video games at an early age starting with the Atari 2600. I gradually shifted to the SMS (Sega Master System). I feel as if the Master System really set the foundation for the games I enjoy today. Most of the Master system games were bright and had vibrant colors as well as some good soundtracks. The games had much more depth than anything I had played previously in the Atari generations and thus started my love for off the path games.
Currently I have really been enjoy single screen games, RPG’s, and some all-around classic arcade games/ports. I have also been collecting games over the past 2 years. I focus on mostly Sony Playstation games and Sega Saturn at the moment but all and all I am not console biased though I have little to no experience playing any Microsoft systems. I think of all generation of gaming the 32 bit era (Sony, Saturn) is my favorite and that’s why my focus is on collecting and playing the games I missed out during this time and replaying some of my favorites as well. I had to beat them to death with their own shoes.


Steam Id: ionesweetworld
PSN: ionesweetworld

                                                                                                                                                                   (Aaron Hickman – Co Host)

1544407_10152039355731555_158951225949988711_n           Hello! Aaron here. I’m a  father of 3 nearing his thirties and hail from San Antonio Texas. My earliest video game memories start with Popeye and Tennis on the NES and Galaxian on the Apple II.  I loved these systems. Some of my favorite games back then were Super Mario Bros. 2, North and South, and Castlevania III  on our NES. On the Apple II I loved playing Goofy and the Matterhorn Screamer and Batman. In the 90’s I enjoyed playing the Sega Genesis and SNES and one of the few kids who didn’t take part in the console wars. I loved both! I also remember us getting an Atari 2600 and while the graphics seemed primitive, I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay of games like Centipede, Pitfall, and Space Invaders. As the 90s went on and my allowance grew, I remember being blown away by the Sega CD when Santa brought us one in 1992. FMV blew me away back then. The openings cutscenes from Sol Feace and Lunar were amazing – and I actually enjoyed Night Trap despite the cheesiness.
At this stage in my life – I really enjoy going back and playing systems I never grew up with like the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari  800/ST , and CPC Amstrad. I’m also a huge fan of just about any game system, so long as it has decent games! While my hardcore collecting days are behind me – I still love talking and writing about retro games. I’m also a musician who plays piano, guitar and writes chiptunes. I’m really excited to be part of the Retro Obscura crew and look forward to uncovering more obscure games!

Steam Id: Diagamblic
PSN: Diagamblic


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