Why the Saturn?

It was my first time. Things were sloppy.
I didn’t know what I was doing and the experience was awkward, but I got the job done.

My Saturn is modded now.

saturn eye

Deciding which console to mod first and why came easier to me than I had expected. The urge to crack open a console and do more than change out some old pins has been lingering in the back of my mind since the early days of being a PlayStation 1 owner. The socially acceptable reason is to claim that I only want to try homebrew games and nothing else but really, I don’t think most people that mod their consoles do so for altruistic reasons. Yes, I’d like to try homebrew games but being able to shop for games without concerns about region coding and being able to try out games while I collect is even more enticing.¬†Choosing the Saturn for tinkering wasn’t really too hard of a decision. Of course if you are looking purely for library size the PS2 would probably be the default choice. But it wasn’t the size or even the quality of the library that swayed me.

sega kiss

Being an unashamed Sega fan made the choice fairly easy and the Saturn is one of the only Sega systems I still haven’t gotten to know very well. I’m sure the Sega fanboys out there would shun me for my oversight but it was just a matter of circumstance, time and money. My gaming interests are quite varied. Despite my love of Sega games and consoles I’ve owned and played most major consoles released in America. It don’t feel like I had neglected the Saturn so much as just waited for the right time.

Since I started doing my podcast, Insert Coin, I have met tons of gamers and other podcasters. Those people (including Retro Obscura’s own, Aaron) have probably helped push me to continue trying retro games I hadn’t yet and push more into the obscure. Besides the fairly minor technical achievement I guess that’s probably the best part of the experience of modding for me, community. Buying consoles from other regions for the sake of expanding my library is an option and something I’ll eventually do. Have you seen a grey Japanese Saturn?



Playing, writing, podcasting, talking endlessly on Facebook or via text with someone that shares the same passions for gaming as I do. That’s the best reason why I modded my Saturn. And it only cost 40 bucks and a burn from a soldering iron.



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