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To celebrate his 100,000th(!) play on music streaming service Soundcloud, our friend Jredd AKA Trevin Hughes has done something awesome and started a new podcast called Jredd & Friends – which is all about chiptune and video game music!

In his first episode, Jredd talks about his own  music on his most recent album The Next Level and the various chip and non-chip influences that helped shape it. In the later half of the program he discusses some of his chiptune friends, their amazing tunes and leaves us on a high note by including a song from an actual VGM composer (Alberto J Gonzales) and offers a teaching moment about what musicians might learn from video game composers.

Jredd also makes amazing Sega Genesis tunes using the highly versatile VGMM Sega Genesis/Master System tracker.  Recently he helped Retro Obscura co-host Aaron Hickman create the new intro to the Retro Obscura Podcast. He also helped Aaron create the  song “Power Struggle” which can be heard at the end of each episode.

Jredd was also recently interviewed on Episode 38 of our show. You can hear the interview excerpt from the show here:

If you’d like more information about Jredd and Friends Episode 1- read Jredd’s show notes below.


Jredd & Friends Episode 1 Show Notes:

This is a small peak inside the mind of Jredd, and a huge shout out and thank you to many of my friends and fellow chip musicians. 🙂 Here are some links for the various people mentioned here.

My album:

DJ Cutman’s Soundcloud: @djcutman

Aaron Hickman’s Soundcloud: @diagamblic

Kosmopop2’s Profile

Weirdbanana’s profile: @fjant_felix

Mawn’z profile:

Alberto’s soundcloud: @joemcalby

Additional music clips: John Petrucci – Curve


A huge thank you to anyone who’s ever listened to my work, commented, or download/bought the music I make. You all make me extremely happy to be a chip musician!

Your friend and fellow chip tune composer,


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