Retro Obscura 43: THUNDERCATS, NO!

Paul & Aaron talk 80s and 90s cartoon based games!



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Sidequest Question feedback:
Contest Winners:
Gary A Horick Jr
Kyle Murphy

Feature Games:
Captain Planet (Amiga)
Thundercats (Amiga)

Vipp Presents:
Marsupilami! (Mega Drive – Genesis)

Playstation is 20 years old with the new release of their system (20th anv Ps4 throwback) what stands out most to you games, system, etc?

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Time Stamp
0:00:00 – New Retro Obscura Show Theme (Follin’s March feat. Jredd)
0:01:10 – Intro
0:29:40 – Thundercats Intro
0:31:08 – Feature Games (Thundercats and Captain Planet)
1:00:44 – Captain Planet Intro Music (Amiga)
1:01:53 – Vipp Presents – Marsupilami! (Sega Megadrive/Genesis)
1:18:06 – Intellivision Music 2 Electric guitars (Masters of the Universe excerpt)

1:18:43 – Side Quest and Outro
1:32:27 – Ending Theme – Power Struggle (Diagamblic feat. Jredd)

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