Retro Obscura 42: Solomon’s Club & The Meaning of Life

Paul & Aaron talk Solomon’s Key, IF Games, ASCII Mode Games and Silver Surfer with a special Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy retrospective from Vipp!


Florida Free Play:

Play Brutal Alien Throwdown by Dan Bisciglia here! :

Video Game Challenge/Listener Pick :
Solomon’s Key (NES)


Aaron: Silver Surfer (NES)

Paul: Caves of Thor (DOS)

Aaron: Insantiy (DOS)
“ (1989)

Special Mention:
Ascii Sector:
Dwarf Fortress:

Vipp :
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (8 bit home computers)
Play here:

Play Island Stakeout here:

Do you think in 20-30 years time our obsession with collecting old video games will die out?


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Time Stamp
0:00:00 – Show Theme
0:02:16 – Intro
0:21:58 – Brutal Alien Throwdown (Approach Back Mountain – Swerdmurd aka Dan Bisciglia)
0:23:21 – Video Game Challenge (Solomon’s Key – NES)
0:33:48 – Silver Surfer (Stage Theme 02 – Tim and Geoff Follin)
0:35:23 – Feature Games
1:01:09 – Deadlock (Song 3 – Reyn Ouwehand)
1:01:13 – Vipp Presents – Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
1:29:46 – Entrada De Nombre Demo (Aaron “Diagamblic” Hickman)
1:30:57 – Side Quest
1:30:57 – Outspeak
1:48:19 – Ending Theme – Power Struggle (Diagamblic feat. Jredd)

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