Retro Obscura 28: Have you played Atari today? Feat. Ferg and NOLAN BUSHNELL

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You call that art?
Dub: Pac Man Atari 8 bit.

Paul: Chip’s Challenge

VGC: Space invaders game 16 (2600) FEAT, Ferg


Aaron: Journey to the Planets (Atari 800XL) Play online here:
Sweet: Tooth Protectors(2600)
Dub: Dragonstomper (2600 Starpath Supercharger)
Aaron: Yoomp! (Atari 400/800 ) Play online here:

Dub: Pressure Cooker (2600)
Sweet: Towering inferno (2600)

Interview: Nolan Bushnell

Sidequest: Atari was well known for its cheesy tele adverts, what game ads were your favorites, were there any that made you BEG your parents for a game in the 80s and 90s?

Luka aka Circuit Bird
Aaron: Throwback Network
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