Retro Obscura 15: Cartoons We’ve Never Seen or “Hammertime”




You Call That Art:

Dubs Pick:  Reversii (Intelllivision)2366977-intv_reversi.jpg

Sweets Pick:  Cock’In (C64)18j0uw64x06pwjpg.jpg

Aaron’s Pick: Action in New York / SCAT (NES)
nes_scat_front.pngdownload (1).jpg
Dubs Pick: defenders of dynatron city (NES)

Aaron’s pick:
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice

Sweets Pick: The Flinstones (SMS)

Dub-Inspector Gadget (SNES)
Sweet- Inuyasha Fedual fairy tale

Aaron-Bucky O’ Hare (Arcade)

Games of the Rising Sun

Aaron – Popeye (Gameboy)

Dubs Pick: Sukeban Deka 3 (Famicom)


Video game Challenge:
Road Runner  (nes)

Its not THAT bad:
Dubs Pick: Bart’s Nightmare (SNES/Genesis)
Sweets Pick: South Park Chef’s Luv Shack
Aaron: Double Dragon V:The Shadow Falls – Atari Jaguar

Outspeak: Cupcakes are good, they are like mini cakes !!!!!

Aaron’s mentions:

Sean Eldridge – Did the voice of Dr. Claw

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